Four Anchor Island

Matt Richards - Writer/Director

Rabbit - Four Anchor Island


A young man carrying a tragic secret that will change everything.
Beginner's Luck - Four Anchor Island

Beginner's Luck!

2 kids, a high-powered bomb of a car, no brakes. Life on the farm isn't just about bringing in the cows!
First Contact - Four Anchor Island

First Contact

Living on the edge of a giant, remote salt lake, a father and daughter eke out a frugal existence in self-imposed exile.
Shackle - Four Anchor Island


A night in the drunk-tank with Robert, recently separated and about to begin the long journey of sobering up.
Automata - Four Anchor Island


The eerie story of Henry, the last in a long line of duck hunters in a land rapidly running out of ducks.
Hombres Hablando - Four Anchor Island

Hombres Hablando

Two men, Jackson and Pollack, meet at a bar, the purpose unclear.