Four Anchor Island

Matt Richards - Writer/Director

Purgot Poster

Purgot (2015)

Dir M Richards : Four Anchor Island

An anxious space, one beyond narrative and time. A lone figure reborn from the sea, trapped in the space of an unknown that hovers like dark cloud over the barren landscape.

Shot on 35mm film with the anamorphic adapter switched to 90 degress.

Format - 35mm 9:16 // Duration - 3.37 mins

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Adelaide International Film Festival - Oct 22 2015 (Australia)
Loop Bar Vertical Cinema Showcase - Feb 12 2016 (Australia)
Vertical Film Festival - May 21 2016 (Australia)
Die Erste Vertikale - Sept 9-11 2016 (Austria)
Slim Cinema Film Festival - Dec 2 2017 (USA)


Featuring - Daniel Bowden, Brendan Guerin
Director - Matt Richards
Writer - Matt Richards
Producer - Matt Richards
Cinematography - Ryan Alexander Lloyd
Editor - Matt Richards
Sound Design & Mix- Ned Beckley
Visual Effects - Igor Maluf
Production Design - Matt Richards


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