Four Anchor Island

Matt Richards - Writer/Director

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Lone Pine (2018)

Dir M Richards : Prod Four Anchor Island : DOP L Gilmour

Based on the short story by award-winning Australian author David Malouf.

Lone Pine short story review by Kate Kellaway (The Guardian, 2000):

Malouf is fascinated by the - sometimes violent - impact complete strangers can have upon our lives. He examines intimacy and strangeness together.

'Lone Pine' comes as an almost unacceptable shock..begins with humour, describing a wife who brings stories to her husband about the misfortunes of her friends. These are 'laid at his feet'. The pair are travelling in their caravan when a sinister family pitches up out of the blue. There is a surreal scene involving a gun and a banana. It is the domestic prelude that makes the nightmare that follows so so appalling. The man is, more than ever, part of his landscape. He notes: 'It seemed so personal, this sky.'

Format - HD 2.35:1 // Duration - 15mins

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Currently in pre-production / Shooting late 2019


Featuring - TBA
Director - Matt Richards
Short Story - David Malouf
Script - Matt Richards & Michael Fawcett
Producer - Matt Richards
Cinematography - Liam Gilmour
Editor - Chris Ward
Composer - Robert John Sedky
Drone Operator - Dale Cochrane
Sound Design - Lachlan Harris
Production Design - TBA
Visual Effects - Lukas Schrank


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